L1070524It has taken many years to develop AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000) – and the trend continues.

To understand the actual mechanisms of AcuNova, it has been necessary to examine the areas that Darwinian thesis of evolution, quantum physics, nuclear physics and other related fields.

We have also re-evaluated, our understanding of nervous system function.

It has cost blood, sweat and tears, but has also been exciting – very exciting.
Fortunately, students do not think of it. Just as it is not necessary to understand how a modern car works to drive it, it is not necessary to understand the complicated theories behind AcuNova to learn how to use the method.

On the Contrary.

On the first morning of the three-day course the students will be introduced in AcuNovas background as well as the necessary theory to be able to use the technique.
Then they learn the very simple AcuNova “diagnostic method”.

Teaching is a combination of theory and practice
In order to be able to treat patients on the day after the program has ended, the students will treat each other in the course.
First, press the point with a knitting needle or pen and then they learn the special AcuNova plug technique is different from Chinese acupuncture.
They learn to deal with pain – both acute such as sports injuries and chronic, such as arthritis.
They also learn to deal with oregano, and autoimmune and other chronic diseases.
On the last day they learn the world-famous treatment of the blind and partially sighted.

A few days after registering, students will receive the book about AcuNova. It is called FUTURE MEDICINE, and you can read excerpts of the book from the website: www.fremtidens-medicin.dk where you can also read about the diseases that can be cured with AcuNova.
The book is actually a self-help book, but with the other course students also get it as materials, that functions as a textbook.

After the course, students can participate in internships at Boel of acupuncture clinic in Aulum – free of charge.

The difference between Chinese Acupuncture and AcuNova
Chinese acupuncture works via so-called meridians.
AcuNova works differently than any other acupuncture system.
Acupuncture points are located in and around all joints in the body. There are special nerve centers (brain’s internal clock). By acting on a point in a part of a signal is transmitted through the nervous system to the brain and thereby, can affect various parts of the body.

(Photo by finger with points drawn on – coming later).

Short explanation
Imagine that you are standing in the kitchen and cut bread with a sharp knife. Suddenly the knife slips and you cut your finger.
How does the body responds to it?
For it is easy to understand, you will get the short version.

A healing process started the moment you cut yourself. This happens automatically – without conscious control.
First, a pulse is sent from the finger through the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system to the brain. The impulse then goes to the hypothalamus, which calculates what must be done, and then send the signal to the pituitary gland (hypothalamus and pituitary hormone producing glands).
The pituitary responds to the signal by releasing certain hormones into the bloodstream.
The hormones in the blood causes the body’s hormone-producing glands are stimulated to produce and release various substances, including some very important pain-relieving hormones called endorphins.
The release of these endorphins makes the pain in the finger subsides. You feel surprisingly little in the beginning).
During the second process an amount of curative substancesalso released. There are actually around 200 processes in the body.
The healing of the finger starts immediately and lasts long or short time depending on your age, physical condition, toxins, heavy metal in the body and so on.
This process is automatic, almost every time you get hurt, catches a cold, the flu or run into another health problem.
Unfortunately it happens that the process is not always due to various factors such as heredity, stress, poisoning, serious injury, etc.
Here comes AcuNova in.
The main difference in AcuNova and Chinese acupuncture is as said that AcuNova works through the brain and “brain’s internal clock”.

The founder’s theoretical and practical background

John Boel Sn graduated as technical assistant in the 1960s and was an intern at B & O in Struer, where he later worked in production, service department and in the laboratory with the construction of various electrical products.
He had a speaker factory for several years so one can safely say that he has a solid education in electrical.
There was a time in the life of John, that he was able to speak to a German doctor, and he believes that the background in electronics was the reason he was able to discover and develop AcuNova.

How acupuncture heals?

According to the Vedas, the human soul controls the body through the mind.

Here we leave the soul of religion, mind philosophy, and deal only with the body.

As we know, the body is made of flesh and blood. But what makes the body unable to move, walk, run, stand still etc.?

The control system of the body is the brain and nervous system.
The nervous system can in short be compared with any electrical appliance: Radio, TV, computer, etc. The electrical part of the apparatus consists of wiring and electrical components such as relays, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.
In the past, the main components were tubes and valves, after that we used transistors, and now we are using microchip- which may contain tens of millions of transistors

When the volume of the radio is blaring or when the TV picture is distorted, this is because there is something wrong with the electrical system. Usually we try fixing this in our own way using the device by adjusting the antenna or using buttons that are available. If the problem continues, we are calling a technician to determine if the wires or electrical components has a problem, after that he will adjust or fix them.

A body works broadly in the same way as an electrical appliance.
The nervous system is comparable to the circuit that contains many different components – transistors, resistors, electrolytes, microchips – just as in a radio or television.

Power is power. There are no two kinds of power. So it is the same kind of power that runs around in an electrical appliance, as the current flowing around the body and makes sure that everything works.

How does acupuncture work?

Thousands of acupuncturists and researchers asked the question: How does an insertion of a needle into the body cure a disease?
There have been many theories over the years, but no one could accurately explain why – until now!

This is exactly the same as when a technician adjusts an electrical device!

In every stage there is a “brain’s internal clock” or better yet a relay station.
(Relay: An overall technical installation that transmit a signal).
The knowledge about this is the reason why AcuNova seems so remarkably well and quickly.
When the processor hits the epicenter of the trail, it is like a TV technician who adjusts a relay so that it can forward the correct signal.

In fact, electrical appliances built with components are similar to the brain and the nervous system, but it is quite another thing that we have to come back in a scientific treatise on the history of AcuNova.

Once we know that, we can also understand better why certain acupuncture systems work better than others.

Science – experience

Many people ask why the Chinese have not done more to find out how acupuncture works, when they have used it for thousands of years, mainly it is due to the Chinese mentality. If you ask a Chinese person how it works, he would often only reply: “It just makes it” He is not interested in knowing why or how it works, only that it works, that’s enough for them.
And several thousand years of experience proves that it works.
There are some theories that have been used especially when talking about acupuncture analgesic effects. Here are some of them.

If you are interested, you can read about the various theories in the book FUTURE MEDICINE. Click here

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