We get a lot of feedback from the more than 4,000 alternative practitioners, doctors and other health professionals from 50 countries, which until now have learned AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000).

We receive a lot of feedback from more than 4,000 alternative practitioners, doctors and other health professionals from 50 countries, which until now has been constantly learning in AcuNova (acupuncture 2000).

Most are surprised over how easy it is to learn and apply AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000), and how fast the results come.

Most are amazed how easy it is to learn and perform AcuNova (acupuncture 2000), and how quickly the result is.

If you want more information about what you can heal with AcuNova you can get much more information on:

If you want more information about what AcuNova can cure, please refer at the following websites:
www.fremtidens-medicin.dk – a book about AcuNova
www.SeGodtUd.dk – a book about the treatment of the blind and partially sighted


Hi John
I have been in one of your courses in AcuNova a few years ago in Copenhagen.
I have many stories to tell about your system – but here’s one of them
A 42-years-old female had suffered from whiplash 3 times – which has evolved into two major slipped discs and a small prolapse – the woman had a lot of pain– there was no one who could do anything – she has been for many treatments in the established system and to several acupuncturists. So what else can be done, it was a real challenge– she has been to many talented people – and I’m her last chance– have you heard like this before? I started to poke in AcuNova points in the thumb and big toe, the pain disappears instantly. She has had six treatments, the last for 3 weeks ago and the pain has been gone since – it’s just cannon!
Yours sincerely
Acupuncturist MJ

Dear John,
I would like to thank you for a very interesting course you held in Stockholm a few months ago.
I am a trained acupuncturist (Classical Chinese Medicine) and has practiced full time in 30 years.
Now I work only about 10-15% of Chinese acupuncture and 85 to 90% with AcuNova – with amazing results
Thank you for the course – Mats

Dear John,
“AcuNova is a system that is superior to the other. It is unusual to hear me say anything like this, but in this case it is just to observe.
– I have worked with a lot of pain conditions. If you hit the right, it is immediate pain relief and after a few treatments, the patient has been cured.
– It is almost too easy “!
Greeting Michael Jensen – Acupuncturist and cand science in Physiology


Dear John
– I have the last two months treated 11 patients with whiplash. 9 were cured, one became a little better, and on one it did not help.
– When you have been good at pain conditions then you try your system on others, which are no pain condition diseases.
Here I have success with the following conditions:
High blood pressure, Allergy, Asthma, Tinnitus, Ophthalmology, Hormonal disorders, Circulatory problems, Gastrointestinal disorders
Yours sincerely
Physiotherapist Michael J.


Dear John Boel!
I had the pleasure to be on your course and I have now used the past week to take your acupuncture system in use.
The result has been very good. I will mention a patient who has had tinnitus for 42 years, now felt silenced in the ears.
One of my colleagues has had large neck pain for 3 years after a neck prolapse. The only thing that is left after only two treatments, are a small residual pain on right side. I could go on to mention several things that happened during the week. The results are so remarkable that I have from the outset could imagine working systematically in this field, in order to register systematically what happens.
Wish you a happy weekend

Chiropractor, Jens J.


Dear John,
AcuNova is fantastic.
This month I have, in addition to eye patients treated about 100 pain patients with various diseases such as migraine, headache, back pain, shoulder / arm syndrome, abdominal pain, osteoarthritis.
Over 80% of patients experienced an immediate pain relief.
Yours sincerely
Dr. med. Hans Peter Wutta

Dear John
I thank you once again for allowing me to participate in AcuNova weekend, which was very rewarding.
I have been using it daily in my clinic, with good results. An example is an elderly lady who I treated for pain and reduced mobility in the right shoulder. With Chinese acupuncture I removed her pain, virtually at first treatment, but it did not get better with movement. She was scanned, and my colleagues noted that her ligaments were off, but because of her age they did not operate, so she had to learn to live with it.
BUT the subsequent treatment with AcuNova has basically given her the whole movement back again.
It is still an experience to insert one or two needles into a patient, and see how the patient becomes free from pain immediately.
If you in the near future will hold similar course in the treatment of eye disorders, please feel free to contact me. I have few patients, with reasonable growth in their eyes (calcification) using AcuNova.
Yours sincerely
Medical AM


Dear John Boel
I was on your course last weekend and would like to talk about two patients, I have not been able to help them with other acupuncture methods.
One had constant back pain for 10 years.
I had treated him many times before – without success.
He has tried everything, both within school medicine and alternative medicine.
I have now treated him seven times with AcuNova, with 2-4 needles every time, and he is now 100% painless.
An elderly patient had back pain since he was 18 years old.
After two AcuNova needle in points of the knee he was in 75% better condition.
Thanks for letting me learn this.
Masseur BS


Hey John!
Thanks for a great course in Bergen.
I worked as a chiropractor for five years, but none of what we have learned, will close the achievement with AcuNova.
I already have many satisfied patients and among them are those who I had not any success before I started using your techniques

Regards, Frank

Zone Therapists:

Hi John
I’m so happy forAcuNova, and I use it with great success. Here are some examples of patients I could not help with reflexology.
Paralysis and severe pain in the left leg due to herniated. After two needles in each knee and toe, the patient became 50% better. After 9 treatments the paralysis disappeared and she was pain free One had Tinnitus in 3 years – got immediate improvement. Other had chronic headaches for 3 years, after five treatments with AcuNova needles in the knees and two fingers. The patient was 100% painless. Shoulder pain in 1½ years, after six treatments the patient was 100% painless, and
there were some “old” customers treated after AcuNova course. I treat most of the customers in 20 minutes by AcuNova and then 10 minutes of reflexology.

Regards Anna

Dear John
AcuNova is just amazing. Thank you for an inspiring course.
I have treated a widow of a famous professor with AcuNova. She generally had poor vision, night blindness. After 10 treatments, the view is much better, and the other two problems have disappeared.
Also, with the course, I have treated many patients with chronic pain, and I have been able to help approximately four out of five.

Many, many thanks
Greetings Martin

Dear John
I just came home from your course and have treated some patients with AcuNova. I gave up in helping patients with reflexology.

5 back pain / sciatica
1 with shoulder/arm pain
1 tennis elbow.
All were completely pain free during one week.
1 spondylitis patients immediately got 5% more movement.

Many greetings
Regards Margit

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