To prove that AcuNova is the best painkiller system that exists, on our courses we offer our students to treat patients that has not been able to find a good help. Most of these pain patients have tried “everything between heaven and earth” – without result. It is a question of really difficult cases, such as herniated discs and chronic gout.

The treatment lasts approximately ½ hour and is free for the patient.

Since we started with the practice we have treated hundreds of patients with pain that neither could be helped with any kind of medical or alternative treatment.

The result has been surprising if not shocking. So far more than 85% achieved significant pain relief within a few treatments.
It has really made an impression on the students that with 2-4 needles have been able to help pain patients that they and many other health care providers, including specialists, had to give up.

It says something about AcuNovas strength.

As a participant, you are also welcome to invite an “impossible” pain patient. The treatment is free and lasts approximately ½ hour. The patient should therefore not participate in the course.

On a course with 20 German doctors on Gottfried Gutmann Akademie in Hamm, Germany,The chief doctor called four “incurable” pain patients from the Clinicfür Manuelle Therapie , which is a private hospital that specializes in pain relief.

Two had hernia which could not undergo surgery, one had osteoarthritis in the neck and one had osteoarthritis of the hip

All four had strong chronic pain at the level 8 – on a scale of 0-10.

They had already been examined by various specialists at university clinics and Gutmann Academie also had tried EVERYTHING – without result.

All four were given two treatments a day, as long as the course went on.
Here are the results:
Patients with osteoarthritis of the neck: Pain 1 after the treatment. (Pain 9 before treatment)

Patients with osteoarthritis of the hip: Pain 2 after treatment (Pain 10 before treatment)

Patient with hernia: Pain 0 after the treatment (Pain 8 before treatment)

Patient with hernia: Pain 8 after the treatments (Pain 8 before treatment)

One comment was: “It was not so bad.”

Experience shows that the result is more than 80% of pain patients – regardless of the cause of the pain.

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