International cooperation on eye acupuncture

I don’t really know, where to begin, but I just start at one point.

Recently something happened, that will change the worldwide treatment of blind- and partially sighted people. It will also have a general impact on science’s view of acupuncture.

Some of the world’s leading “eye acupuncturists” as well as 40 top ophthalmologists from leading universities and eye hospitals were gathered in Beijing Eye Hospital, China, the leading eye hospital in the Far East, in both Western Ophthalmology and Acupuncture (TCM).

Professors Lina Liang, who is general manager of the acupuncture department, had convened “The first Scientific TCM ophthalmological (ophthalmology) symposium”.

The purpose was to make a: “International cooperation agreement concerning integrated ophthalmology ”

Six of the world’s leading acupuncturists lectured on their treatment methods ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Modern Acupuncture Methods: Three Professors from respectively. Beijing Eye Hospital, UCLA (University California Los Angeles – one of the three leading universities in the United States) and the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine (18,000 employees), and three leading acupuncturists from private clinics in the US and Scandinavia.

My lecture on our methods and results was received very positively by the participants. They were particularly surprised by our results with AMD (the most common cause of clinical blindness in the Western world) – based on the last three years of treatments at Boel Acupuncture and they were looking forward to being documented in scientific research.

The Americans and the Chinese use several different treatment methods and it emerged from the lectures that Chinese herbal medicine was the main treatment and the most effective. The Norwegians use AcuNova, the Americans use Chinese herbal medicine, AcuNova and master Tung’s acupuncture, and I use Boel Modern Acupuncture.

During the following dinner, I had the opportunity to talk to the President of Beijing Eye Hospital, and he expressed great enthusiasm for the new points that we use to treat eye diseases – he has 42 years of experience as a physician / ophthalmologist!

The result of the Symposium was mentioned earlier: “International cooperation agreement concerning TCM integrated ophthalmology”. Here are some of the main points:

Overall purpose of the collaboration

The overall development strategy aims to promote the international development of ophthalmology (ophthalmology), expand the scientific research level of TCM ophthalmology, to maximize the benefit of acupuncture for eye patients worldwide.

The collaboration includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

Strengthen collaboration in the medical practice of TCM Ophthalmology: With the approval and support of Eye Hospital, the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the partner can establish overseas brand of Eye Hospital, the China Academy and Chinese Medical Sciences, actively prevent and treat eye diseases with acupuncture and integrated medicine, spread the philosophy of TCM ophthalmology by prevention and treatment.

Strengthen collaboration in ophthalmic scientific research: Establish joint laboratory, joint research funding, conduct basic research and clinical studies, study the effects of Chinese medicine and acupuncture using modern technology, conduct multicenter clinical research on selected eye diseases where acupuncture has treatment benefits. Eye Hospital is responsible for conducting clinical trials.

We have become an official partner with UCLA and Beijing Eye Hospital –Wow!


Eye hospital China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Gao Yun, President

UCLA (University California Los Angeles). Ka-Kit Hui, Director

University of Albama Birmingham School of Medicine, Shu-zhen Wang, Ph.D – 18.000 employees

Pinpoint Clinic, St. Hellens, Oregon. Brad Whisnant, founder and owner

St Olav Eye Clinic, Norway. Erik Vinje Olbjørn, Ole Jørgen Frydenlund, managers

Boel Acupuncture Clinic. John Boel, Ph.D, founder

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Erik Vinje Olbjørn and Ole Jørgen Frydenlund St Olav Eye Clinic who have introduced me to the Chinese.

The trip to China has given me more than I had expected in my wildest imagination.


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