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A new treatment method is revolutionizing the health industry. In the late 1990s a new treatment system was born. The new method was named Acupuncture 2000 – to avoid confusion with Chinese acupuncture, we changed the name later on to AcuNova, which means New Acupuncture.

Until now, has around 4,000 alternative practitioners, medical doctors, and other health care professionals from 50 countries learned that AcuNova works extremely well on pain patients – both acute and chronic pain.

It is also fantastic for treating the blind and partially sighted people.

AcuNova works via the nervous system – as opposed to Chinese acupuncture that works by so-called meridians. This means it is very easy to learn. The experience from the 4,000 former students shows that anyone can learn it in just three intensive days.

How does AcuNova work?

The new discovery: In and around all joints there are points that are extremely effective for the treatment of pain, blindness, organic diseases, and various chronically ill patients that medical science has given up on with the words: “You must learn to live with that”.


Dr. John Boel, and a handful of scientists with the neurologist, and Dr. Poul Andersson at the head, spent hundreds of hours exploring the new system. As the research progressed, they became aware that AcuNova contained a unique potential which they had not seen before in any other known health system.

What is the secret behind AcuNovas’ success?

A healthy body “repairs” itself all the time. This natural healing process can sometimes stop e.g.: Hereditary factors, poisoning, radiation, serious injury, trauma, viruses and bacteria, and nutrient deficiencies. AcuNova’s secret is simple: it can restart the natural healing process when it is stalled. Or in other words: AcuNova is using nature’s own healing method to treat the cause of the problem – not the symptoms. Therefore, there are no side-effects linked to the AcuNova treatment.


Since its inception in the late 1090erne, a lot has happened. Each month, more than one million patients worldwide are treated by the more than 4,000 students from 50 countries who have learned AcuNova. These patients get their hope back – they get a second chance for a better life without disease. AcuNova has been presented at several international acupuncture and medical conferences in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Sri Lanka, where “The Open International University for Complementary Medicine” due to the Discovery of AcuNova honored John Boel with “Acupuncturist of the Century” – as the first in the world. There will be three-day courses in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain.

What can´t be cured?

AcuNova can unfortunately not cured: Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, Diabetes 1, Spasticism, Downs- and some other congenital syndromes. If the patients lack vital vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients, they need supplements of these to be healed.

What can be cured?

Experience shows that AcuNova is especially suitable for the treatment of: Acute pain, e.g., sports injuries. Chronic pain such as arthritis. Organic diseases, e.g., asthma and colitis. Blind and visually impaired, e.g., AMD (ARMD).

About 80% of patients with so-called incurable eye diseases, get at least a part of their sight back. With our AMD patients (age-related macular degeneration), we have calculated that we have achieved an average improvement of 27% in 83% of patients.

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