Site-2-1024x683 (1)An AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000) course lasts in three days, and teaching is a mix of theory and practice.

All students will receive FUTURE MEDICINE, a kind of textbook in AcuNova. Second-course materials will be available on the course.

Of course, the theory is important, but we put more emphasis on that all are able to apply what they have learned – the day after the course is finished.

AcuNova Theory and Background
AcuNova “diagnosis”
Pressure treatment
Special AcuNova plugs technique – theory
Special AcuNova plug technique – exercise
Treatment with acupuncture needles.

Treatment of pain – theory
Treatment of pain – exercise
Treating sports injuries
Treatment of acute disorders
Treatment of chronic diseases
Treatment of blind and visually impaired

After the course, you will get a nice 4 colored certificate.

After the course, you will receive a beautiful four-colored certificate.

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