L1070393(This information is intended only for “old” AcuNova (A2000) students)

AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000) was born in the late 1990s. In the beginning, the results were mixed. Some colleagues had good results while others could not really get it to succeed.

Since then much has happened, very much.
The technology is very different today.
We consume vast resources to improve AcuNova – and succeed fortunately often.

Because on this course you learn basic AcuNova techniques.
With these techniques, you can achieve really good results with almost all diseases – when you hit the points precisely.

Medical research is usually very complicated and takes long time. Most projects are abandoned, and the development of a, single new medicinal product often run into hundreds of millions.

We use other methods in our research.

Since we have treated thousands of patients with pain, we know in advance the results of the treatment. We also know that there is a difference in the outcome, whether it is John Junior (John Jr.) or John Senior (John Sn.). Who carried it out with us.

John Jr. treat almost all patients at the clinic, and if the treatment is successful in most cases. If he has treated a pain patient twice with all the methods we know as effective – unsuccessfully – John Sn. will take over the treatment and then try to use new methods, and if this new method is successful after several attempts, then they will reject it.

If a new method contrast shows better efficacy in 25 patients (which we could not help with the familiar methods) recorded as standard treatment in the future.

How we created AcuLine and AcuChronic.

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AcuLine and AcuChronic only offered to AcuNova (A2000) students.

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